Podcast Ep. 17 – Democratizing Film Funding with WRITERS & FILMMAKERS

Slate_with_logo_and_all_text_v3_'collaborate'Are you a filmmaker? Want $50,000 to shoot a movie? Of course you do!

Are you a writer? Want to win $20,000 for your film script – and see it produced? Sure you do!

Jonathan Krimer is a Canadian filmmaker, writer, and photographer. He is also the founder of Writers and Filmmakers, a new and exciting model for film development and financing.

The Writers and Filmmakers site puts it succinctly:

Writers judge filmmakers.
Filmmakers judge scripts.
Winning script is shot by winning filmmaker.
We fund you to collaborate.

In this wide-ranging conversation, we discuss:

  • The number one problem for filmmakers and writers
  • The founding and funding of the Toronto Film Association
  • The process of submitting and participating at Writers and Filmmakers
  • The psychology of talent and self-delusion
  • The pros and cons of piracy
  • The impending collapse of Hollywood
  • The future of film, and the eventual fate of theatrical distribution
  • The challenge of staying creative while raising young children
  • Jonathan’s current film project
  • The sorry state of Einstein’s brain

Oh, and – here’s the link to the David Cronenberg article I mention at the end of the episode.

Listen now:


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