Podcast Ep. 11: What Agents Want; Why You’ll Never Hear “No”; Writing for Disney; Escaping Hollywood


This time it’s personal. In a belated introduction, I discuss my years working in (and out of) the Hollywood studio system as a screenwriter for Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment and Walt Disney Television. I share many observations about making it in the film industry – and about making important life choices.

Podcast Ep. 9: Want to Get YOUR Film on Television? ADEYS TV’s Hombre Darby


Just as the tools of filmmaking have fallen into the hands of… well, just about everybody… so too have the tools of distribution. It is now possible to create your own niche television channel – with the ability to broadcast all over the world. ADEYS TV is a prime example of this new kind of television network.

Join us for a conversation with Hombre Darby, founder and director of acquisitions for ADEYS TV, a new television channel showcasing full-length independent and international programming.

Podcast Ep. 8: Stephen King Dollar Babies Roundtable (Pt. 2)


Continuing our conversation from last week, guests James Cole, James Burgess Cox, Billy Hanson, and Daniel Thron discuss their “Dollar Baby” films. Last week we gave a general overview of the Dollar Baby program, discussed adapting the stories, and began talking about casting. This week we continue casting discussion, then move on to the actual shooting, post-production, and exhibition of these films.

Podcast Ep. 7: Stephen King Dollar Babies Roundtable (Pt. 1)


Four “dollar babies” – James Cole, Daniel Thron, James Burgess Cox, and Billy Hanson – gather to discuss their films. We cover the process of obtaining the film rights from Stephen King, of casting, shooting, editing, and exhibiting. We talk about the unexpected and very real career benefits of producing a Dollar Baby film – even with (and perhaps because of) the severe restrictions that come with this special arrangement.

Podcast Ep. 6: From Novella to Screenplay to Novel – Adapting MR. WICKER, with Maria Alexander


In this episode, we discuss the art of adaptation with author and screenwriter Maria Alexander, whose novel Mr. Wicker was recently published to great acclaim. We discuss the prolonged gestation of her dark fantasy, her mentorship under Clive Barker, her informal mentorship under Neil Gaiman, and the unique challenges of telling a single story in multiple formats.