Podcast Ep. 7: Stephen King Dollar Babies Roundtable (Pt. 1)


Four “dollar babies” – James Cole, Daniel Thron, James Burgess Cox, and Billy Hanson – gather to discuss their films. We cover the process of obtaining the film rights from Stephen King, of casting, shooting, editing, and exhibiting. We talk about the unexpected and very real career benefits of producing a Dollar Baby film – even with (and perhaps because of) the severe restrictions that come with this special arrangement.

Podcast Ep. 6: From Novella to Screenplay to Novel – Adapting MR. WICKER, with Maria Alexander


In this episode, we discuss the art of adaptation with author and screenwriter Maria Alexander, whose novel Mr. Wicker was recently published to great acclaim. We discuss the prolonged gestation of her dark fantasy, her mentorship under Clive Barker, her informal mentorship under Neil Gaiman, and the unique challenges of telling a single story in multiple formats.

Podcast Ep. 3: How to Start a Film Festival, with Brian Holcomb

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 9.06.30 AM

In this episode, I talk with filmmaker, critic, and co-founder of the Reel East Film Festival, Brian Holcomb. The festival just had its first year in New Jersey, the birthplace of cinema.

Brian talks about what it took to get this festival off the ground, the benefits of running a film festival, and what he and his partners intend to differently next year. He also discusses the participation of John Sayles, who was this year’s guest of honor.

Podcast Ep. 2: Crowdfunding Success Story – James Burgess Cox & CONTROL ALT DELETE


In this episode I interview James Burgess Cox about his successful Kickstarter campaign for CONTROL ALT DELETE, a Crichton-esque science fiction thriller about artificial intelligence run amok.

We begin our discussion talking about Cox’s background, then move on to a discussion of his film’s story, and its context in the history of science fiction film.

17 minutes in, we get into the nitty-gritty of his Kickstarter campaign, discussing how exactly he succeeded in raising over $20,000 for his little film.

Podcast Ep. 1: A Conversation with Director Frank LaLoggia (Lady in White, Fear No Evil)


Quadruple-threat director/actor/writer/composer Frank LaLoggia speaks to us from his home in the Italian countryside.

Frank is currently most known for his classic ghost story Lady in White (1988). He also wrote and directed the cult favorite Fear No Evil (1981) and Mother (1996), starring Diane Ladd and Olympia Dukakis. In his varied career he has crossed paths with the Coen brothers, legendary casting director Lynn Stalmaster, Sean Penn, and even Spider-Man.

The Stop Motion Animation of Chris Butcher


Chris Butcher (@chris-butcher) is an animator currently living in Dunstable, England.

“I’m incredibly Luddite when it comes to my work. Computers intimidate me a lot. In the second year of uni I had to try 3D animation and it just infuriated me trying to get a computer mouse to do what my hands can. I’m really tactile and I just can’t fathom not being able to manipulate something with my hands.”